How Much Does It Cost To Install A Kitchen Island?

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Kitchen Island?

The cost to install a kitchen island can be done on the cheap for under $200 dollars but a bespoke kitchen island can easily cost more than $6,000 to install.  The cost ranges on many factors that include the condition of your kitchen now, how large a kitchen island you want to install, and the options for your island like running water, a sink, and electrical outlets.   The better outfitted your kitchen island it the more skilled labor it will take to complete the project.  Please contact us for a free quote for kitchen remodeling and the installation of a new kitchen island.

Kitchen islands offer extra space, a place to gather, and more space for kitchen luxuries.

Costs for a kitchen island vary quite a bit and can be hard for homeowners to understand.

This post will explore factors that affect the cost of kitchen islands.

How Much Is A Kitchen Island?

The average cost to install a kitchen island is around $4,500.  Finer materials, luxury kitchen amenities, and larger islands will increase this cost. This cost covers the design, fabrication, demolition, and installation of a new kitchen island.

Design Costs

To hire a professional kitchen designer it will add up to about 20% of the overall cost of installation for your new kitchen island.  The benefit of having your kitchen island designed specifically for you, is that it will be tailored to fit your needs and preferences.

Fabrication Costs

The cost of fabrication is a part of the overall cost of a new kitchen island.  The cost of the materials such as the countertop, cabinet frame, doors, and drawers will add into this cost.  Skilled labor to build the kitchen island is also a consideration.

Demolition Costs

If you’ve got an old kitchen island or you’re going to install a kitchen island as part of a larger kitchen remodeling project the cost will go up.  If you’ve got the space for an island you’ll just be looking at the cost for plumbing and electrical.  That is if you’re planning on having running water, a drain, or electrical outlets in your kitchen island.

Plumbing Costs

If you plant to have running water or a drain in your kitchen island you’ll need water and drain lines ran to it.  The cost of having a plumber come out and do the work you’ll need for your kitchen island will go for about $55/hour.  How much it will cost depends on the experience of the plumber and the amount of time needed along with parts.

Electrical Costs

Most kitchen islands are much more useful if there’s outlets.  When you go to plug in your mixer, blender, or other kitchen appliance you’ll want to have power right on the island so cords aren’t hanging around.  The cost of having an electrician come out and do the work is about $75/hour.  So it will depend on how your home is built, how far the power will need to be ran, and any parts and labor.

Installation Costs

Once the kitchen island is built it is transported to your home and then assembled in your kitchen.  The cost of the skilled labor adds into your overall cost and most carpenters charge about $150/hour depending on experience.

Kitchen Island Seating Costs

Kitchen islands don’t always have seating as part of the design, but many do.  Planning for the cost of seating such as bar stools helps create a more accurate estimate for a new kitchen island.  Bar stools vary in cost wildly with the cheapest bar stools costing less than $20 dollars.  However custom designed and built bar stools can easily cost up to $800 per chair.

Cost of Kitchen Island by Type

Much like everything in life there’s various designs to choose from when it comes to kitchen islands.  Which you choose will depend on how you imagine a kitchen island improving your kitchen’s usability.  Read about the kitchen island types below.

Storage Kitchen Islands

Storage kitchen islands are those where homeowners are simply not finding enough space for everything they want in their kitchen.  The design will be geared to offering more storage with better cabinets, shelving, drawers, and even wine storage.  Due to additional carpentry the cost can be a little higher than average and lands somewhere between $350 and $850.

Productivity Kitchen Islands

If you use your kitchen a lot and need it to work well for large cooking projects a productivity kitchen island is a great solution.  These kitchen islands feature faucets, sinks, drains, and plenty of outlets for all of your powered kitchen appliances.  They can be customized to your favorite type of cooking and or baking with marble countertops and more.  The range of cost for this type of kitchen island can range from the low end at $250 and go up to or more than $3,000.

Prep & Cooking Kitchen Islands

If you want to be able to do all of your work while standing at the kitchen island you’ll need a sink, faucet, drain, outlets, and cooking surface.  While this is one of the finest types of kitchen islands it can be one of the most costly.  Skilled labor from plumbers and electricians will be part of the cost along with needing a larger footprint and more carpentry.  These islands are best enjoyed when they include amenities such as trash compactors, small refrigerators, and even storage for your pots and pans.  The cost of a prep & cooking island starts at around $1,000 and can easily go over $7,000 depending on what type of amenities you prefer.

Kitchen Island Benefits

Clearly a new kitchen island offers homeowners a wide variety of benefits.  Having a custom designed and installed kitchen island gives you the greatest control over what is emphasized and tailored to your kitchen.  While kitchen island designs vary there are a few benefits that they share.

Extra storage space

Kitchen islands always have additional storage space.  That means if you’re passionate about cooking and have various types of kitchen appliances, you’ll have extra space to clear off your counters.

Brings the family together

The kitchen island can be a focal point for families.  While family members prepare meals or wash dishes the rest of the family can stay close by talking.  It’s also a great place for parents to have their children work on homework while meals are prepared.

Additional seating for parties

Having more people over than your dining table can seat makes bar stools at kitchen islands an attractive solution.  Most kitchen islands are designed with space for at least another 3 or 4 seating areas.

More space for kitchen luxuries

Most homes and kitchens were built before many of today’s beloved kitchen amenities.  A new kitchen island opens up the possibility of having a trash compactor, wine refrigerator, extra oven, and so much more.  With the right designer you’ll be able to make the most of today’s amenities and simply enjoy being home and cooking more!

Custom Kitchen Island Design & Installation

If you have a home in Mesa or the Phoenix Valley; MK Remodeling can help with a new kitchen island.  Our team designs, builds, and installs custom kitchen islands along with full kitchen remodeling services.  We are passionate about discovering our client’s individual needs and offering beautifully designed innovative solutions.  For more information about how we can help you install a new custom kitchen island in your home please give us a call.

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