Most popular home remodeling projects heading into new year

Well, guys, we’ve almost made it to a new year!

If you are like me, you can’t wait to be done with 2020. Hopefully, some good has come from 2020. Maybe extra time with the family, and possibly a few ideas on ways to improve your home in the new year.

With that in mind, here is a list of the most popular home improvements during the pandemic.

The list includes both major (kitchen and bathroom renovations) and minor things (painting), so chances are you undertook at least one of those projects.

One project on the list was flooring. An ever-popular undertaking, this article outlines four big trends in flooring that you’ll want to keep in mind in 2021.

Natural colors, select grade, rift-cut floors, and long-length boards offer a little of something for everyone.

One not mentioned on the list, but popular none the less during COVID, was adding a gym.

Whether it meant converting an existing space or an entire addition, many remodelers worked around what equipment homeowners had to give them the gym they needed.

Adding some flair to function is also the theme of this Washington Post article about mudrooms and laundry rooms.

The article recommends tall cubbies with sturdy hooks for every family member, and reminds you not to forget your pets when it comes to storage.

Being more thoughtful in the kitchen is another trend that will continue in the new year.

More people are choosing to purchase environmentally conscious materials and energy- and water-saving appliances when remodeling their kitchens.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

Wrapping up home remodeling for 2020

December is almost here, which means we’ve almost made it to 2021. Give yourself a round of applause.

It turns out that when all is said and done, 2020 will be a big year for remodeling.

More people are spending more time at home, and are motivated to make changes due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. I call that controlling what you can control.

Two of the most popular projects during the pandemic have been adding home offices and gyms, according to this article, which makes sense since more people are working from home and gyms have gone through waves of closures since March.

One expert quoted in the story said those projects have moved from wants to needs.

But offices and gyms aren’t the only places people are spending on.

According to an article on, about a third of homeowners chose to upgrade their bathroom during the pandemic.

The average cost of $9,000 makes it an attractive starting point for homeowners looking to make a change without breaking the bank, the article says. More people are looking to expand the space, improve cabinets, and enjoy more upgrades, such as touchless faucets, since we are all spending more time washing our hands.

One home trend that seems to be suffering from the pandemic is the open floor plan, this article says.

Managing working from home with distance learning has more people searching for their separate spaces.

Have a good week!

How to make your kitchen, bathroom remodel less scary

Halloween certainly looks much different this year, what with coronavirus and all.

One thing that doesn’t have to be scary is your home remodeling experience.

Our good friends at Houzz have put together some great tips and tricks for surviving a kitchen remodel.

A lot of their advice comes in the form of preparation.

First, plan some serious time to pack away all of your belongings, the article says, so your supplies are safely secured and you aren’t rushing the night before work begins.

Next, the article suggests you make sure to have some sort of way to refrigerate food, either by relocating the existing fridge to a garage or laundry room, or by purchasing a mini fridge, like in your younger days.

Also, set up a temporary kitchen somewhere, the article says, so you have some place to toss together a meal or two.

Finally, the article suggests including takeout and food delivery to your budget, because let’s face it, you will be using it more than usual.

“But Stewart,” you say, “you are putting the cart before the horse!” Well, dear reader, if hiring a remodeler has you afraid to move, there are a good number of tips in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Confirming a remodeler is licensed, bonded and insured, viewing a remodeler’s history of working with designers, and getting all promises in writing are the three biggest takeaways from the article.

And lastly, if deciding what to do with your bathroom remodel is giving you chills, here’s some good advice.

Have a good week, and Happy Halloween!