Adding Functionaility to your Bathroom Design

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I came across this article on universal bathroom design and thought it would be a good one to share. Don’t be afraid to add some functionality to your bathroom! With age-in-place being a major focus for ensuring that your space will work for you during different phases of your life, it is a mistake to overlook the functionality in a bathroom. New buyers will appreciate the added functionality as well! Additionally, many of these accessories have become very fashionable looking and can fit with nearly every look you are going for in a bathroom.

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6 Universal Bathroom Design Ideas Combine Function and Fashion


Moen Universal Shower

The Solar Roof – Update

Last year we talked about the evolution of the solar panel as it in regards to the roof and how panels will begin to look more and more like traditional roof tiles.

Well now they are here; a great example of design meeting function.

Tesla has developed solar roof tiles that look exactly like a traditional roof. Check them out:

You can see more examples and concepts here:

These glass tiles aren’t fragile either! In fact, they are more impact resistant to hail and other debris than other roofing materials.

While they are still very expensive, we would expect to see continued innovation and affordability in the future and hopefully some competition to spur even more progress in this field.

Affordable Bathroom Vanities

We have been hard at work adding to our portfolio of products and have focused heavily on bathroom vanities. As a result, we have partnered with Hardware Resources, James Martin Vanities and Fairmont Designs to bring a broad base of design and affordability options to our bathroom vanity selection. Even if you aren’t looking for a full remodel, take a look at the vanities we have to offer. We can ship anywhere in the United States with most of our products and they are easy enough for most people to install themselves with the help of a plumber.

James Martin Vanities have always caught our eye with unique design and quality construction. They provide a beautiful furniture looking vanity at a very affordable cost when compared to buying similar looking cabinets and countertops individually.

Fairmont Designs has very clean designs and a price point accessible to most clients. This is another manufacturer that has always interested us and we are very excited to be able to offer their products to our clients. These bathroom vanities are available in the East Valley as they are shipped directly to MK Cabinetry.

Hardware Resources provides a broad range of designs and affordable bathroom vanities that nearly any client can afford. We have already installed a few of these bathroom vanities and their quality and functionality have been great.

As the year goes on, be sure to check out MK Online as we are adding new products and lines every week. We hope to have James Martin Vanities for sale online in the second half of the year.

If you are considering a bathroom upgrade, contact us about our affordable bathroom vanities. These are a great way to add an instant ‘wow’ factor to any bathroom at an affordable price.

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