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Featured Bathroom Remodeling Mesa AZ Master Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Remodeling

The guest bathroom features a SOLLiD Value Series – Westwood Rustic Tuscany vanity with matching mirrors and a new walk-in shower that highlights three different tile textures that both contract and highlight each other. For the back wall, we featured a wood plank tile and contrasted that with 16” x 32” tile with a stone look. The larger tiles minimize the grout lines and features the tile, resulting in a clean, natural look. The pebble floor finishes off the shower with more natural touch and texture, while providing a slip resistant surface. The rain glass was added for privacy and it was all trimmed with venetian bronze fixtures. We can’t get enough of the contrasting textures!

Hansen Guest Bath 2

Hansen Guest Shower Tile
Hansen Guest Bath 2
Hansen Guest Vanity
Hansen Guest Shower Tile 5
Hansen Guest Vanity 2
Hansen Guest Bath 3
Hansen Guest Bath
Hansen Guest Shower Tile 2
Hansen Guest Shower Tile 3
Hansen Guest Shower Tile 4

Master Bathroom Remodeling 

The master bathroom features wood plank flooring and a veign cut travertine shower that is incorporated with the bathtub deck. Here again, we used pebble floor tile for texture and the rounded nature of these stones are a natural foot massage as you stand and walk on the floor. We really love how this one came out with a great balance of function and design.

Hansen Master 7

Hansen Master 8
Hansen Master 6
Hansen Master
Hansen Master 7
Hansen Master 5
Hansen Master 2
Hansen Master 3
Hansen Master 4

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