What Are The Best Range Hoods?

Kitchen Range Hood

A range hood is one of the important elements to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Range hoods help to improve the air quality by removing bad food odors or possibly even smoke from the stove. Rang hoods have different shapes and sizes and usefulness depends on the speed of removing bad air. Therefore, it is important to purchase the best CFM range hood for your kitchen.


When researching a proper range hood for your kitchen, you need to take into consideration the size of your stove. This is important when choosing the power output being utilized for your range hood. For example, a bigger stove will obviously require a bigger range hood to ventilate the air over the stove. Also, when purchasing a great range hood, you will also need to keep in mind:

  • How much you cook on your stove.
  • The BTUs produced by your stove.
  • Amount of ventilation required.
  • Amount of air ventilation extracted from the area. This is determined by cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Range Hood Fan Size & Quality

When purchasing a range hood, you will need to keep in mind the quality of the fan and the size that will ventilate the air from the stove. There are two types of fans with Range Hoods to keep in mind:

  • Blower Fans
  • Impeller Fans

These are usually the types of fans that you will find with a new range hood. Range hood fans will usually move around 100 CFM of air for every 12 inches of stove width. If you have a bigger stove, remember to adjust the size of a potential range hood to purchase for your kitchen.

Range Hood Air Circulation

Air circulation is important as the air that you bring in needs to push out the bad air and bad food odor over your stove. You should always remember to install a range hood that will be a good size dependent on the size of your stove. You do not want to put in a range hood that would be bigger than the stove area. Air circulation needs to be fit to the size of the stove to get the best function and value for your kitchen.

Range Hood Noise

When your Range Hood is running, noise is going to be a possible factor. You need to focus on getting a quiet fan in your range hood, which should run at 65 decibels to provide that quiet spin in the kitchen. This is all dependent on the size of your stove when purchasing a new range hood for your kitchen. Another consideration you might want to think about is installing a fan that has speed controls so that you can adjust the speed of the fan when being used.

Remember when purchasing a range hood, local city governments do have limitations on the power a blower can have with your range hood. This should be remembered when looking to purchase a range hood.

Again, remember when purchasing a range hood too:

  • Consider ventilation when purchasing a new range hood
  • Find out the BTUs your stove uses will help determine the range hood you will need to purchase.
  • Consideration of stove width (100 CFMs for every 12 inches of stove width.) when it comes to air circulation to get out bad food odors or possible smoke.

The noise of a new range hood for your kitchen will be an important factor when purchasing a new range hood.

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