Types Of Kitchen Range Hoods

Types Of Kitchen Range Hoods

Kitchen Range Hood

Remodeling a kitchen often involves updating older appliances and a new kitchen range hood may be near the top of the list. Read on to learn more about the many materials, designs, styles and types. The style you choose may be dictated to some degree by the layout of your kitchen as well as cabinetry and other appliances. By reading this, you should have some idea of the kitchen range hood best suited for you.

Wall Mounted Range Hoods

A great space saver as the hood attaches to the wall! A choice of many modern kitchen designs instead of going the traditional route of utilizing the space for cabinets. If cabinets are already in place they may have to be moved so the range hood can fit. Sometimes, these hoods come with a chimney. This assists with ventilation and it is normal for them to vent through an exterior wall positioned behind them. Another feature is a wall mounted range hood can become an integral part of your kitchen design by giving an individualized look depending on the style of your hood you choose. It may cost slightly more because of this but it does add more than just stand alone function to your cooking.

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

A very popular choice because of its compact dimensions. It is mounted below the cabinets that are positioned directly over the top of your stove. The venting system for this style is simple and can go with almost any style of kitchen. The ventilation is provided by duct work for the hood that is positioned either behind the hood and then connected to an exterior wall or going up through the cabinet placed directly over the hood. This way you can save a small amount of wall space but it can take away from any ideas you had for storage in that particular cabinet.

Wall Ventilation Fans

A different option to a range hood prefered by some homeowners is the wall ventialtion fan. Fan systems are hugely helpful when ventilation is of poor quality but the downside is it may not work a swell when odors or fumes have to be removed from your kitchen efficently and quickly, especially when cooking with powerful ingredients.

Island Or Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods

When you have a range that is not located against any wall, for example, an island range, you require an island or ceiling mounted hood. If you have a larger professional style stove top, a ceiling mounted hood will be able to cope with the additional output from cooking burners and tools. One advantage of this style is it offers a unique look to your kitchen. Many modern designs use copper, ceramic or even glass, making it ideal for differently themed kitchens. Some contractors will install the hood a little higher than normal so sight-lines throughout the kitchen can be readily maintained. Because you may have a greater stove capacity, you will have to consider a larger capacity island range hood.

Ventilation Power Pack Hoods

If you want a true alternative consider a style known as the ventilator powr back. Although space age sounding it has the great benefit that it can be added to already installed cabinetry without taking up all the available storage space. The powerpack is compact aand continuous within the parts already installed in your kitchen. Once you have chosen a power pack, you can work with your contractor ro have it custom fitted into your kitchen layout.

Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

Not often seen, a downdraft ventilation hoods works as an exhaust product that is maintained within the cooking arena until it is time to get to work. Once you need the fan, it pops up along the back of the range making it ideal when space is an issue. It can also be used for stoves as part of a kitchen island set-up or against a wall. They suit the look of almost any home and are unobtrusive as well.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on an effective range hood is a crucial part of upgrading a kitchenas a system that keeps the atmosphere clean and fresh and free from lingering odors or smoke helps to keep a comfortable and healthy atmosphere in your entire home. It is astounding how this decision can make a big difference to the comfort of your living conditions at home as well as enhancing the functionality of your kitchen.

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