Security Doors Pros And Cons

Security doors are great for any home as they help prevent intruders as breaking in is far tougher, they withstand adverse weather and storms and they give a much greater degree of protection than a regular door. Read on to learn more.

Increasing Door And Window Security

Many people consider only security doors when they replace their external doors but many also use them for room a homeowner thinks warrant additional protection. Examples include, offices, dens and areas where sensitive materials are kept, as well as vaults, escape routes, panic rooms and doors heading in the direction of basements,

The Two Kinds Of Security Door

  • A steel door that is open work. They resemble wrought iron and have back panel made from tempered glass.
  • The other type can look identical to a fiberglass or wooden door in their outward appearance. But their inner are made from steel with side fixings that are reinforced.

Security Door Pros

  • Door chains, alarms and deadbolts can be added.
  • Hinge screws.
  • Hinges that are hidden.
  • Keys that can only be duplicated by the manufacturer.
  • Fingerprint or keyless lock.
  • Peepholes.

Security Door Cons

  • They require professional installation.
  • They are more expensive.
  • Doors made from steel are susceptible to rust and corrosion.

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