Remodeling looking to bounce back from pandemic

Hello, from my kitchen table!

If you are like me, you have probably converted a part of your home into a temporary workspace. And now that “temporary” has become “possibly indefinite,” chances are you have given thought to what a permanent home workspace could look like.

Welcome to the remodeling thought process in 2020!

Since everyone is spending more time at home, all those little projects you’ve noticed over the years seem to grow in size and stature. It is that line of thought that is supposed to help the remodeling industry get back on track as soon as September, according to a Banker & Tradesman article.

Additionally, some projects that weren’t as popular before the pandemic are getting new life in this post-COVID world, according to this Morgan County Herald article.

For example, fencing in a yard or an addition to include office or gym space are a couple of projects in demand.

There are a couple of mainstays, of course. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are remaining a constant even during the pandemic.

If you are looking for inspiration on the former, check out this slide show from House Beautiful.

No matter what route you decide to go during these unusual times, it’s always a good reminder to shop around for quotes and not marry yourself to the lowest bid, as this homeowner found out from our friends at Markup & Profit.

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Guest Post: 5 Easy Projects to Whet Your Remodeling Appetite

Don’t want to take on a huge renovation project? Here are 5 easy things you can do to give your home a new look.

If your living space is in need of a refresher but you don’t want to take on a daunting remodeling project, there are still things you can do to give your home a new look. Some simple yet transformative projects don’t take a lot of time or effort at all, but rather a few tools and dedicated minds.

No matter what you do to remodel your home, make sure you do so with proper precautions. You wouldn’t want to break anything due to a mistake that could have been prevented. Even if you have some type of home warranty coverage, small mistakes can lead to costly or recurring reparations.


Painting is a classic and simple way to give any room a new look. Whether you paint just an accent wall or the whole room, a new wall color can transform any room. Depending on the color you use, a fresh color can make a room look bigger, taller, or slimmer. Lighter colors can also make your room look fresh and bright, while statement colors can create a mood.

To paint a room, you’ll need some basic supplies first. You’ll want to make sure you have:

  • Paintbrushes and rollers
  • Tarps or something to cover the floor
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint tray
  • Ladder and or step stool
  • Paint and paint primer

With these supplies and a few hours of work, you can make any room feel new.

Use stick-on backsplash, tiles, and wallpaper

Installing new flooring, backsplashes, and wall accents is time consuming and difficult to do if you aren’t experienced with remodeling or don’t have the correct tools. Luckily, there are options for those who want to change the look of a room without going through the daunting process of renovations.

Stick-on wallpapers can not only be used on a full wall, but also can be used to create a stunning backsplash in your kitchen or beautiful tile flooring. Some wallpapers have creative designs on them while others have panel or tile-like designs.

Use organizers

Organization can do wonders for any home. Whether your house is cluttered or not, picking up storage containers, dividers, and other organizational tools can free up space you didn’t even know you had. There are truly no limits to things you can organize. Your closet, pantry, drawers, spices, garage, and more can be organized, making things easily accessible.

Besides knowing where everything is, the extra space created by organizing allows you to utilize the space in other ways. Check out some of the best ways to organize your home.

Replace drawer knobs

Replacing drawer knobs is another great way to modernize any room. With a quick trip to your local hardware or general store, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of handles. Replacing drawer knobs is a simple task that produces powerful results. Tools-wise, you’ll most likely only need a screwdriver. Don’t underestimate what a simple change can do!

Get a new faucet

Just like replacing drawer knobs, replacing faucets can have the same effect on a room. If your kitchen faucet is outdated, an upgrade to a modern faucet is an easy task. To replace a faucet, make sure you turn your water source off before beginning any other work. You’ll also want to make sure you have simple tools such as a wrench, pliers, and tape measure.

Guest Post: The Do’s & Don’ts of Home Renovation that You Need to Read

We all know that transforming your old, bland-looking house into your dream house with full home remodeling is one of the most exciting yet time-consuming times. If you are planning to remodel your house, there is a high chance that you are working ahead of time to get it quickly completed. However, rushing the whole process without carefully planning the home renovation can cost you more money and time.

If you have already planned on remodeling your full house, you need to have a read through our do’s and don’ts of home renovation. These tips will help you a lot before you finally take a sledgehammer and attempt to knock the walls down. 

Let’s first have a look at the Don’ts of home renovation. 

Don’t Go For The Cheapest Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling the whole house can be a quite expensive undertaking. You always want to try and cut down the cost as much as possible. But keep in mind that hiring one of the cheapest contractors is not recommended. You’ll have to go down the line again and hire a reliable remodeling contractor because of the shoddy job that the cheaply priced remodeling contractor provided you with.

When you plan on hiring a remodeling contractor, you should shop around a bit. Always make sure that you properly vet your remodeling services company by asking around or reading online reviews. 

All in all, you might end up paying a little more when you hire a good remodeler. But look at the bright side, you will not be hiring anyone else for getting the work re-done.  

Don’t Neglect Your Vision For The Design

People who remodel houses are experts when it comes to re-building homes. But this does not mean that they know how to work around on non-existing design. If you do not have a proper plan laid out or do not have a vision as to how the final product ought to look, there is a high chance that you will not be satisfied when the home remodelers are done with the project.

You need to make sure that you have a strong vision for the final design so that you can deeply discuss it with your contractor. 

Don’t Renovate Every Room At Once

Let’s suppose that you are planning on renovating your whole house. Try renovating one room at a time. Trying to do everything all at once will not only turn out to be expensive, but it will be upright inconvenient to you and your family as well. This is because all of your rooms will begin to look like a construction site.

Always choose to take one or two rooms at a time, so that you still have a place to live in your house whilst the renovation is taking place. 

Don’t Keep An Unrealistic Date For Completion: 

What most people fail to understand is that there are a lot of factors that can delay the completion of the renovation project. This is why it is important to keep a flexible completion date. Just keep in mind that a good remodeling job takes time, so be patient.

Do Set A Budget 

The key to a successful home remodeling project is knowing how much you can realistically afford to spend to get the results that you desire. One of the first things that you need to do is discuss your home remodeling plan with your builder or remodeler.

Do not try to go over the allocated budget as much as possible. But always keep a contingent budget. In case something unexpected thing creeps up; you should be prepared beforehand. 

Do Know When To Call A Professional Remodeler

A little DIY is great, for example, when it comes to stripping that wallpaper, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, or putting a varnish on the decking. However, when it comes to remodeling the bigger parts of the house in which you don’t have much experience or the right skill set, hiring a professional is your best bet.

No matter how many online videos you’ve watched related to home remodeling, such projects are best suited for professionals only. This is why you should always hire a professional for bigger jobs.

Do Invest In A Quality Appliance

Things like electrical appliances, washer and dryer, and HVAC systems are investments that make a lot of difference in your day-to-day life. So, always go for quality over the cost.

Do some research and invest in buying the best appliances that best suit your needs and requirements. Read the reviews and ratings, and gain an understanding of their warranties. Keep in mind that buying from renowned brands will last longer.

Do Keep Your Belongings Safe 

When remodeling the house, dust and dirt can be difficult to control. Most home renovation contractors will use plastic sheets to protect your household items. But all in all, these things will get in the way of workers. This is why they need to be moved to a secure location where they will remain safe. If you have some fragile items, you need to carefully pack and store them until the house has been renovated.

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