Remodeling industry starting to recover from COVID-19

It looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The home remodeling industry is bouncing back after a dip from the pandemic, according to an article from Kitchen and Bath Design News.

The article cites a study from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, which found that both activity and interest in residential remodeling is on the rise.

About 36% of homeowners were in the process of remodeling in the second quarter, up from about 13% in the first quarter, the study says.

Additionally, about one in five homeowners (22%) is looking to remodel soon, according to the study.

So, if quarantine has given you lots of ideas about improving your home, you are not alone!

Of course, the biggest consideration for any remodel is the budget. Those who have lived in their house for a while might be interested in a home equity loan, and this Oregonian article discusses some pros and cons.

If you are more into the Xs and Os of a project, an article from MSN Money breaks down the costs of various sizes of kitchen remodels.

The average kitchen remodel is just over $25,000, according to information from HomeAdvisor, with the lower end of the spectrum coming in at $4,000 and the higher end of the spectrum reaching $60,000, or more!

Broken down into percentages from national averages, you can expect to budget 29% for cabinets, 14% for appliances and ventilation, 10% for countertops, and the very important budget cushion of 15% to 20%.

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Quarantine changing way homeowners make remodeling and design decisions

School is starting in most places, and many homeowners are trying to figure out how to handle more people working at home.

For us, the living room has turned into the working room, and the dining room has turned into the school room.

If you’ve caught yourself fantasizing about a dedicated workspace or more storage place for all the supplies you will be housing this semester, you aren’t alone!

Design trends are reflecting what more and more people need during this pandemic, as this article points out.

In addition to the dedicated office space, more homeowners are looking to add spaces to exercise, for their kids to play, or for a more luxurious feel in their bathrooms, the article says.

And with COVID-19 on the top of people’s minds, a revamp to the outdoor space for safely entertaining guests is on many shoppers’ lists, the article says.

In some respects, this is 2020’s version of aging in place. Take this article from the Washington Post, for example.

Homeowners are also factoring into account wheelchair accessibility and planning for space to accommodate aging parents or in-laws, according to the article.

Other changes include lowering kitchen counters, curbless showers, and even adding an elevator in extreme cases, the article says.

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you deserve a treat. And what could be better than seeing how the One Percent live?

Justin and Hailey Bieber just purchased a modest $25.8 million house in Beverly Park, which I’m told is not the same as Beverly Hills.

Anyways, TMZ has pictures (because of course they do), and you have to see the massive pool, huge range hood, movie theatre, and (presumably) master bedroom with a walkout balcony.

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Remodeling looking to bounce back from pandemic

Hello, from my kitchen table!

If you are like me, you have probably converted a part of your home into a temporary workspace. And now that “temporary” has become “possibly indefinite,” chances are you have given thought to what a permanent home workspace could look like.

Welcome to the remodeling thought process in 2020!

Since everyone is spending more time at home, all those little projects you’ve noticed over the years seem to grow in size and stature. It is that line of thought that is supposed to help the remodeling industry get back on track as soon as September, according to a Banker & Tradesman article.

Additionally, some projects that weren’t as popular before the pandemic are getting new life in this post-COVID world, according to this Morgan County Herald article.

For example, fencing in a yard or an addition to include office or gym space are a couple of projects in demand.

There are a couple of mainstays, of course. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are remaining a constant even during the pandemic.

If you are looking for inspiration on the former, check out this slide show from House Beautiful.

No matter what route you decide to go during these unusual times, it’s always a good reminder to shop around for quotes and not marry yourself to the lowest bid, as this homeowner found out from our friends at Markup & Profit.

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