Looking for remodeling inspiration? Start with your floors

We’ve talked before about remodeling inspiration, and how to search far and wide for new ideas. But not many people think of starting from the floor up.

Flooring is the subject of this article from a Corpus Christi television station website.

The article lists five major reasons for upgrading your flooring, including adding luxurious heated floors, repairing damaged or worn carpet, modernizing the look, cutting down on allergens and molds by switching from carpet to flooring, and remodeling for resale.

Speaking of remodeling, there is a discussion about the difference between remodeling and renovating. (For our purposes, we use them interchangeably.)

None other than Bob Vila, the man himself, offers that “remodeling” should be reserved for extensive work that includes changing structures and designs, while “renovating” means making updates that do not change the intended purpose of the room. But you do you, boo.

An extensive and expensive mistake was made by a remodeling company in Kansas City when they tore the roof off the wrong house

According to the Fox TV affiliate there, a remodeling company was sent to the wrong house by the contractor. Once they realized their mistake, the remodeler left, promising it would be fixed.

But now the remodeler and the contractor are fighting over who should be at fault for the mixup, and the poor couple still doesn’t have a roof over their vacant house after two months. 

Just another reason you should be grateful to have a roof over your head. 

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