How to take the pain out of remodeling

If you are like me, you are nursing a serious Halloween hangover. 

Maybe you took too many sips from the witch’s cauldron or, in my case, ate all of your kids’ candy after they went to sleep? 

While we can’t help with that, we can help take some of the pain out of remodeling your home. 

CNBC has a great article outlining four steps that will make your home renovation a little less painful.

The article reminds everyone to perform due diligence on the contractors, review your contract, ensure permits are obtained, and pay bills on time. 

It may sound straightforward, but you would be surprised how many people don’t honor each step. 

As far as what projects you should undertake, Reader’s Digest has you covered with its article on the best projects to get done before winter

Granted the Valley doesn’t get a true winter, but all of the projects in the article are great places to start. 

Some of the best projects mentioned in the article include master suite upgrades, HVAC replacement, new flooring, or a closet renovation. 

If kitchens are more your thing, then check out these seven kitchen remodeling ideas from AZ Big Media.

Have a good week!

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