The best projects when remodeling for resale

Hey, gang. May is here, which means things are warming up on the home front.

If you’ve given some thought to improving your living space in the hopes of attracting those buyers, well you are in luck.

The Washington Post has a great breakdown of six home remodeling costs and their return on investment. To no one’s surprise, the best projects involve bathrooms, kitchens, and improving curb appeal, the article says.

It’s a valuable resource and makes for some interesting reading. Plus, you can use the Remodeling Magazine link to personalize your project costs based on your zip code.

Speaking of kitchens, here is a breakdown of all the design trends for 2019 from our friends at The Most Chic.

If you are looking for kitchen that is on point, it’s the perfect read for you. I was today years old when I learned what banquette seating is. 

Lastly, if all this talk has spurred you to start calling remodelers, we have a couple of tips. Forbes says you should treat shopping around for remodelers like a job interview, and brush up on these five interview questions, in particular.

Have a great week!




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