Keeping remodeling costs and headaches at a minimum

We’ve all seen the home improvement TV shows that follow a project from start to finish. 

Usually, there’s a hiccup, but either the owners secure a last-minute funding boost or the contractor finds a work-around to keep things under budget. That’s the magic of TV!

Life works differently. 

All parties, homeowners and contractors alike, have a role to play in keeping costs and frustrations to a minimum, as this Daily Herald article says. 

Like the article notes, homeowners can save themselves some headaches by remembering  that remodeling the kitchen is no small endeavor. Working within the existing plumbing structure will cut down on costs, while making big changes to the kitchen’s footprint will lead you to blow the budget. 

Also, enlisting the help of a designer and sticking to the plan once construction begins will keep you on your timeline and budget. 

If fixer-uppers are more your jam, here are some lessons one interior designer learned while fixing up her house. 

Monitoring progress, checking shipments, paying attention to details, hiring and firing folks, and working around holidays turned everything into a full-time job for the writer. 

And her partner is a carpenter!

Have a great week!

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