Early remodeling trends for 2020

Happy New Year! 

We are nearly a month into 2020 and I still can’t get used to writing the correct year on things. Speaking of which, I’ve read you should fill out the entire year when you date your papers because an enterprising criminal could forge the date into a different year if you just leave it as “20.” 

I know you came here for remodeling news, so let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

More people are looking to add a kitchen island this year, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Some of the most sought out features include built-in appliances, built-in storage, and charging stations, the article says. And while most people will be looking to use them for dining purposes, homeowners are also weighing entertaining and socializing in their plans, the article says. 

Another big trend with islands is mismatching with the kitchen countertops, in either color, material, or both, according to the article. 

The island fever is reflective of a larger trend in remodeling, according to another article, because more homeowners are looking to fix up their living space instead of move. 

Nationwide residential remodeling is expected to pick up over the next two years, according to an article in the Dallas Morning News

That is largely due to a lack of affordable housing, the article says. 

If you need to draw some remodeling inspiration, take a look at the guide from our friends at The Tile Shop Blog. So many beautiful pictures! 

So if you are ready to get started on that kitchen island, give us a call. 

Have a great week!

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